Finding My Old MCSE Certification and assigning them to me

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Hi All

It's been years since I used any of my IT skills(11 years ) and have started learning Azure now.

I used to have MCSE NT4.0 and 2000 with a few more exams under my belt, how do I go about finding them and associating them to my new Microsoft account?


thanks in advance


when I get home next week I will try find my old ID and certs

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@MountainJew the guys over at certification support can help you with that. If you post in that forum asking for your MCID accounts to be merged- they'll send you a PM and ask for some more info. It will be much easier if you can dig out your old certs and find your old MCID and registration id (on the score report)- but at a min they'll need the email, physical address and phone number the old certs were associated with.

Thanks didn't even think tech versus training forums , appreciate the responce
You'll need to reach out to Certification Support -

please how do i go about getting my mcse certificates? i cant access my old email because have changed my phone number

As above you'll need to reach out to Certification Support -