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Hi Microsoft,

Even for basic entry level I.T. jobs companies are asking for quantifiable qualifications such as certifications for Azure AD, Office 365, Microsoft Office, Active Directory, Windows 11, Microsoft Intune, Batch Scripting, PowerShell Scripting, Azure AD scripting, etc.

Unfortunately with a lot of certs being retired in the last few years. It is becoming difficult to even navigate these entry level roles even with a Bachelor's Degree in a tech related field. And also YouTube videos or almost begging to be included in new implementations to gain exposure within a persons current company is getting even more difficult.

Would it be possible to create a filter or outright remove expired certs from the browse certifications page? In addition to that is their a plan to speed up the creation of newer versions of certifications when it comes to more beginner and fundamental level certs? Companies are desperate for employees and it is getting more and more difficult to prove skills to the HR departments and heads of IT departments.

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Hi @mirahsan21685,

 Microsoft Learn has always the latest certifications that are currently valid and you can check the current certification on this page Microsoft Certifications | Microsoft Learn by role.


As IT roles change or get shifted because of the ever-ending technology lifecycle, certifications get retired, too. You can check the retired certification here.


Regarding the update of courses and certification, I can tell you first hand, that this is something that takes considerable time and effort from multitudes of people in different areas, and even feedback from the learners' aid in that. This updates to the courses and relevant information happens 2-3 times per year, sometimes maybe more if there are important and significant changes, and the exam and certification is also updated, but it may take a quarter to hit the exam questions. Microsoft Learn content is very frequently updated, nonetheless.


Check also the paths to become certified by visiting this page here.


Companies in general trust the certification process that is why we have also introduced a yearly renewal process for all the role-based certifications, not the fundamentals. This renewal process is free and very intuitive, and helps you stay current.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! Much appreciated. Here's hoping the process goes faster one day! Companies tend to only look at certs these days. :)