Exchange Server 2016 CU 15 - OWA Http Error 440 on Chrome !

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We use Exchange Server 2016 ( CU 15 ) on-premise. We have problems with OWA these days.

The error we received is "Exchange Server 2016 OWA Http Error 440"

As a result of my research, I read that some sources are about the CU version. Some sources write that there is a problem specific to chrome.

I think the problem is with chrome because there are no problems with other browsers.

Is there anyone who has a problem with this and can solve their problems?

We found that chrome does not work on the latest version, Version 85.0.4183.121, but works in the previous version.

If you uninstall chrome and re-install the old version while using the new version, access to OWA fails. I tried this.


Also, I found this information;


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I had the same problem.

I am using an ADFS-like authentication, which was redirecting to the identity provider to login.

The problem was that Chrome/Chromium/Edge have changed the default referrer-policy from no-referrer-when-downgrade to strict-origin-when-cross-origin.

You can read into the available settings here:


I added the Header

Referrer-Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade

to the identity Server (in IIS as HTTP-Response Header), to get the browsers to use the old default behaviour.

This fixed the problem.

If you are using ADFS 2019 (or install the back port for 2016), you can add it by using the following PowerShell command on the ADFS Server:

Set-AdfsResponseHeaders -SetHeaderName "Referrer-Policy" -SetHeaderValue "no-referrer-when-downgrade"

(see for more information on this command and the pre-requirements)

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I installed the CU17 version on the exchange servers. Owa HTTP 440 problem has been resolved.

No action was required on ADFS.


OWA can be used in the latest version of the chrome browser.



@japikle Hi,


Thank you for your answer. But, no action was required on ADFS. 


Installing CU17 is enough for this problem.