Excel table does not autofill formulas

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I created a table.  When I add or insert new rows the formulas do not autofill into the new row.  I must copy and past the formula into the new row cell. I understand this is not the normal behavior for tables.  How do I fix it.

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Select all the cells that contains data. Go to home tab and select "covert to table". Thats it. Now if you add any formulae in any cell of first or second row it will autofill for all cells in that column.


Thanks for your response.  In the meantime, I realized that the formula that would not auto-fill was first created before the column was included in the table.  Apparently, when a formula is created outside the table and later becomes part of a table, Excel will not deal with it properly.  I eventually re-did the formula for that column from within the table, and now it does auto-fill as expected. 

Glad to hear that it worked. Point notee for my excel skills as well :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up: