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I have a small table 5 columns x 12 rows. For convenience use the spreadsheet cell identifiers, A1 to E12. E5 to E12 contain a formulae that relates to the information in columns A1,B1 & D1.

I want to sort the data in column A so that the data in columns B, D & E move to the new positions. Column C is irrelevant.

In other words data in columns B, D & E are dependent on the Data in column A. Any change in row position of data A column must be followed by B,D & E

any advice out there please



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@Vicphuket It would be helpful to see an image with your question in order to more fully understand the sort you trying to complete.  Without more detail, the question would be, "why not just sort all the columns and rows?"


This is the scenario
12 guys going on a golf trip playing 4 rounds of golf at 4 different courses
They will play in groups of 4 (4 balls) each day.
The task is to sort the 4 balls in such a way as nobody plays with the same person more than twice over the 4 rounds.
Each player has his official U.S.G.A. Index for his home course which will not change during the trip, Column C.
Column A shows the heading for the groups (4 balls) and the day.
Column B is the Letter allocated to the player. The order of the letters change for each course and the data relating to the player must relocate to the new position each day. Note that the cells in the handicap column contain Absolute references ie Slope, Rating & Par.
Column D is the players name under the course to be played.
Column E is the players handicap based on the Slope, Course Rating & Par (different for each course) The cells in this column contain a formula that calculates the players handicap.
They will play a different course each day
They will use the USGA world index system to determine there handicap at each course.

i hope the grids attached are self explanatory, but I have tediously carried out the sorting manually