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Hi all,

I've got a table with some data where few columns are different percentage. I am pasting this percentage every month from my source where are these formatted as numbers.

So for example I have 45 in my source and want to copy that and paste it to my excel table as 45%. However, when I do this it displays as 4500%

Is there a way how to paste it as a 45% without the need of formula or changing the source to 0.45?

Than you for any advise


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Type "0.01" into a blank cell anywhere (do not use quotes)

Copy the cell which has 0.01

Highlight/select all of the cells showing 4500%

Paste Special - Multiply


Also, you might have better luck in the future in the Excel forum :)

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@jana_d Following on from @rhancock's good suggestion, when you paste special select 'Values' in the 'Paste' section of the "Paste Special" window and 'Multiply' in the 'Operations" section. This will retain the % formatting of the cells.

Thank you both @rhancock and @millerblair, this works perfectly!