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Hi Community,

So really my brain does not do so well with numbers and mathematical lingo.  I have been trying to learn today about functions and formulas. My experience with Excel is based more around checklists, forms and my own database.


I am very much so a beginner with that regard to formulas/functions and data transferring.  My brain does not function at its finest when tying to interpret numbers and mathematical lingo into my checklist and trying to figure out how to successfully create a permutation and connect that data from one worksheet to another.


Does anyone know of any fool proof and or really easy to follow tutorials in these areas that might be able to help?  Any and all information is much appreciated!


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Hello @JedHopkins


Maybe this link is a start for you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41053936/generate-all-permutation-of-multiple-lists-in-excel. They even mention a VBA macro. And this one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7mMUoB1VLI) is a little older but maybe also helpful.

Good luck

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In addition to the reply you have, you may want to think about looking into Power Query (Get & Transform) on the Excel Data tab.  Here is a link for an easy to follow tutorial: https://www.howtoexcel.org/power-query/all-possible-combinations-of-items-from-two-lists/