Excel formula to identify same amounts in different columns (ins and outs adjustments in a general)

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Hi everyone :) 


Could someone please assist me with developing an Excel formula.... 


I am an auditor trying to remove ins and outs from a client's general ledger. Basically, an ins and outs is when a client enters a transaction into the general ledger (debit) and then immediately reverses it (credit). The impact is zero on the general ledger, and we need to remove this transaction (both the debit and credit leg). 


Heres an example of a general ledger with this situation: 




Basically, I need Excel to identify that the entries in orange are an ins and outs (and the debit cancels the credit). The formula must then flag that these are ins and outs and I will manually go and remove these from the general ledger. I have included the transaction in blue which shows that some transactions are posted for the same amount to the same account. These are fine, and so I would not want the formula to identify that this is a potential ins and outs (because it is not). 


Any help in developing this formula will be extremely appreciated! 


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