Email Verification Code Delay When Confirming Exam Discount

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I have been facing some issues while receiving my verification code to get a discount when registering for an exam (AZ-900).

When I get to the page to put in my work email and select check eligibility, the verification email with the code is not sent until hours later (8hrs). Due to the expiration on the code (15 minutes), I am unable to take advantage of this discount. I spoke with a Microsoft Engineer who used the Message Header Analyzer and they confirmed that the email is not getting delayed while being sent to Office 365 but from the sending application.

I would like your assistance on getting this resolved as I would like to sign up for the exam and take advantage of the discount I am able to receive.

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Hi Kurt- please post in the following forum:

The mods will reply and send you a PM, they'll be able to help.