DMS Private Privew access (On-prem Oracle to Azure SQL MI)

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Howdy folks,


Checking to see if any one here successfully obtained DMS Private preview access and tested Schema and Data migration from on-prem Oracle to Azure ? Been trying to get this access since 3 weeks and not going anywhere.

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Hello @ShasVaddi

The last time I requested to be part in a private preview it took MS more than 3 month to reply. I can only ask you to be patient. Have you tried this one: to see any progress?

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Thanks @Rolf-42 for your reply. I've used DMS for PostgreSQL and it worked well.  In this case though, I am looking at Azure SQL as the destination. Regarding the time line, agree it's not always consistent but i was able to obtain access on few other subscriptions in less than 2 to 3 weeks. I am looking if anyone used DMS for Oracle to Azure SQL migration and interested in the how it all went for Schema and Data migration.