DHCP unconventional architecture

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Good day

Id like to find out if the following would be possible with your DHCP architecture

i currently have 26 decentralized DHCP servers one at each SIte
id like to have a Backup option when any of them fails but would not want to install 26 additional servers just for DHCP
so would it be possible to have 1 Backup server with all the scopes on it and just on the 26 sites point them all to the backup would that work so if site 10 DHCP server goes down it will let site 10 get i.p for its subnet from the backup server

Its mainly to save cost on Hardware, and secondly for the Wireless access points that is affected on sites when DHCP server fails 

Benny Botha

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@bennymacromcoza containerize dhcp servers with K8s.

Hello @bennymacromcoza

Yes, that scenario is possible. I've implemented it on several occasions. You just want to make sure that the clients requests can reach the backup DHCP server as well as the scopes are backed up and imported as needed in case you have reservations ongoing.

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