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Why exhibit at Delhi book Fair 2020?


Delhi Book Fair has always been phenomenal, now with its digital avatar this year, it is going to break all the boundaries and become accessible to the whole world. Being virtual, exhibitors are going to get much more eyeballs and exposure from the comfort of their home/office.


Delhi book fair 2020Delhi book fair 2020


From exciting networking opportunities to creating new partnerships and reaching out to a larger customer base, Delhi book Fair 2020 has a lot to offer.

  • Showcase your brand from your home or office in few clicks
    Exhibit and feature your products
    No hassle of physical setup, time & cost
    Visitors from around the world to showcase your products
    Network instantly & directly with audience worldwide
    Instant sales with marketplace for your featured products
    Host interactive & knowledge sharing webinars
    Participate in panels and webinars by industry thought leaders

Showcase your brand at one of the largest book exhibitions. Register to Exhibit at Delhi Book Fair 2020 at Delhi Book fair 2020

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