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What do you guys think, should microsoft have a professional/expert level certification for data engineering role in microsoft? 

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See the latest set of certifications here There is a Azure Data Engineer associate certification. That is a professional level. Here is a list of the Data Engineer related certifications This shows tge latest set of data certifications
Current one is more of an associate level certification, I was wondering if there is any plans on professional/expert level data engineering certification, on same lines as DevOps expert and solution architect expert.

@sidsingh Associate level certification are professional certifications. They are not easy exams to pass. If you mean expert as opposed to associate, then I would keep an eye on the links I provided and then watch for announcements from events like Build, Inspire, and Ignite. These are the likely times when new certifications are announced.

Microsoft are creating new role based certifications all the time, for instance DevOps is new this year, so I would expect in time for more expert level roles but until they are officially announced, Microsoft doesn't say what its plans are

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Thanks for the information!!

However if we compare Azure data engineer certification(being offered at associate level) other cloud vendors offer there data stack certifications either at specialty level or expert level.