DA-100 exam got stuck at relaunch screen

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My DA-100 exam got stuck at relaunch screen. I need to report the issue. Can someone please share the Microsoft support email address to send the email regarding exam failure.


What needs to be done?




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Hi Bhawna- the MS certification support forum is here:

But you'll need to try the exam provider first; were you using pearson vue? If so; this is the right place:

@RenJones Thanks for sharing, but after logging in I reach to the certification window, can you please guide which tab or Option will take me to contact window specifically.


Thanks in advance!

Sure- when you follow that link, you want to click the 'Let's chat!' image under the 'Contact Us' heading. That will launch the chat widget- they'll need your MCID, so make sure you have that hand (top right corner of your learning dashboard).