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Hello, I'm looking to take the DA-100 exam in the near future and I was wondering if someone could provide more details on the format of the exam. Are there labs in the exam?

I would also like to know if there's any knowledge or skills tested on the exam that is not included in the learning paths listed on the exam page.

Finally, any tips on how to prepare for the exam would be much appreciated.




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Hi Josh- the best thing to do is to study from the 'skills measured document', which you can find on this page, under the 'Schedule exam' section:

That document will tell you the exam question topics and their ratios. The learning paths on Microsoft learn are there to guide your studies, they're not a text book; you'll need to use the skills measured document to ensure you're ready for the exam- you can find additional detailed material for each topic in the docs and there are many helpful community produced videos and blogs to help guide you through usage of the app to it's full extent.

As for the format of the exam- there are no labs, all questions are multiple choice. You can find more about the question types here:
Thanks, that's helpful.