Ctrl+shift+enter in excel is not working

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The formula is working just fine in the google sheets version of the file but as soon as I open it in Excel 2016 it doesn't work and just keeps saying that "you've entered too few arguments for this function".



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@edwards1330  You have posted on the Microsoft Learn community which is all about exams, certification and training.

You might get a better response on the Excel community board https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/bd-p/ExcelGeneral

Hello @edwards1330


Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are two completely different products from two companies. They have not aligned their development regarding features and functionalities. So the function may have the same name but the implementation and how to use it is up to Google or Microsoft.

I would search for a way to only use functions that are implemented in a similar way.

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