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I merged two spreadsheets and now I'm trying to sort the cells but get the reply "to do this, all merged cells need to be the same size"

How can I make all cells to be the same size ?

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You may receive an error message when you sort a range that contains merged cells in Excel



In Excel there is the possibility to search for connected cells:

In the ribbon, on the Home tab, in the Edit group, click the Find and Select button and then click the Find menu item. You can also use the key combinations <CTRL> + <F>.

Click the Options button.

Click the Format button in the dialog picture.

In the Find Format dialog box, click the Alignment tab.

On this tab, activate the Merge cells option.

Click the OK button. The Find Format dialog box closes.
The Line break or Text break option should be activated if you are only looking for merged cells with line or text breaks. If the text and line breaks should not play a role, it should neither be activated nor deactivated (see dialog above)
Click either the Find All or Find Next button. Excel looks for merged cells in the current worksheet.

What happened?
Separated by a few blank lines, there was a merged cell below the table that hindered the sorting process. The line was only discovered after scrolling down the worksheet.

After deleting the row with the merged cells, the customer was able to sort the table without any problems.


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