Cant Activate Windows 11 after Motherboard replacement

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My Lenovo Legion5 had some issues due to which the motherboard was replaced by company, they mapped the serial key and everything to the new motherboard. However, when i clean installed my windows after the replacement the window did not activate by itself even after manually extracting the key and inserting it in the activation windows. I registered my ticket at Microsoft for help but there has been no response from them either. What should be done?

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When you buy a new Windows laptop, it usually comes with a Windows license. This is tied to the hardware (OEM). Because a new motherboard is installed, this OEM license is gone and so you will need a completely new license.
What normally happens is, there are many options to get Microsoft Windows and Office products, some of the methods used are valid for a period of time and are usable multiple time on different devices, I would really love to open more with information but would prefer that you add my contact number on your WhatsApp and we can even get you a cost effective solution to use.
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