Can't sign into Power BI Model Data Lab 4 (DAX Intro)

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I attempted to sign into my work Power BI account on this lab, and every time, it said I wasn't able to access it yet. I tried redoing the Design a Model lab, but it kept telling me to apply or discard changes, even though that was supposed to happen in the lab I'm trying to access now. Out of curiosity, I attempted to sign into the next lab, which is Time Intelligence, and it at least gave me the prompt for my authenticator app, so that one's fine. If it helps, here are the details.


screenshot of error:



Details from the time before I got the screenshot:

Error Code: 53003

Request Id: 0e6a090e-4310-4cd6-8701-bfba92e11d00

Correlation Id: f1ec8c7c-ac3e-4faa-9b1b-c6e4d2d8637e

Timestamp: 2023-10-13T19:50:32.836Z

App name: Power BI Desktop

App id: 7f67af8a-fedc-4b08-8b4e-37c4d127b6cf

IP address:

Device identifier: Not available

Device platform: Windows 10

Device state: Unregistered

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The labs require a work account with a Power BI license.

If trying to sign into your company account, then you need to speak to your organizations IT administrator
The other labs work fine though. IT at my company said it was on their end.

and by "their" I mean "Microsoft Learn's end."