Can’t access your Microsoft profile to schedule an exam

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I tried to schedule a ms-700 exam, clicked on "Schedule with Pearson VUE" and got an error saying: "We can’t access your Microsoft profile to schedule your exam". See full screenshot attached.

I followed two troubleshooting steps mentioned on that error page:
- Use Internet Explorer (version 9 or above) or Edge
- Clear all cache and cookies

I wasn't able to use the InPrivate option, since it was greyed out on both browsers.

Then I chatted with Pearson VUE Support rep, who informed me that he doesn't see my LEARN account in their database.


Pearson Rep mentioned that I need to have a separate account set up to access Microsoft Learn. However, I already have an account and am currently using it to post this question.

So, as of now, I'm stuck with this error and am running out of time to schedule the exam I need.


Any hep will be much appreciated!

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