Build my own Learn site for my organization

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I really like the Microsoft Learn interface -


Can anyone provide insight into how this platform is developed? Does it use OOTB products available to M365 users? Any thoughts, best practices, or platform recommendations on how best to rollout team training video, lectures, etc. for my organization?


Thank you.


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No idea about Microsoft Learn but I suspect it is a custom solution. You might take a look at or Viva Learning for your organization
Thank you Julian, We have been investigating Viva Learning as well. Seems really to be an agregator of content that is then used to present to your company via Viva Learning App within Teams. Seems to be a good start, and we're begining to populate our Learning App Content Repository.

No too familiar with Community Training, so thank you for that tip as well.

Overall, the interface Microsoft Learn offers it's content is very nice and ultimately a consistent presentation of training content such as presented in MS Learn would be great.
Thank you for your insight.