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Hello, I hope all are well. Maybe two years ago, I begin two learn python code, but focused mainly in data analysis and all the code I wrote was to use at local level. I don't have formal studies in coding, in fact my branch is Chemistry, but now I have interested in learning web development with Django and python (and obviously some of html5, css3...). I know that to start I need to create a virtual environment, then install Django and finally run the adequate commands and start coding. But I am not sure about which could be the safest approach to follow the procedure mentioned before. I know that exits web servers and even using Microsoft Azure it can be done. The problem is that right now I don't have money to pay any additional service. So, I am thinking in doing thins locally, therefore the question of million is how can I do it with the lowest risk to my computer? I have had bad experiences with hackers. Some one can orient me?


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