Azure zero to Azureathon


Azure will be at least a $140 billion business with Microsoft-style margins: Azureathon

Loxley Abraham of Azureathon discusses Microsoft’s cloud business and ability to train the next gen.


I would like support from Microsoft to launch Azureathon around the world.Preview


start with 365 surface pro 8's and $1,000,000 for best trainer or trainers.


sadly I cant win but I can join in.


weekly prizes 

Lunch and Learn

e-sport vtol-vr to xbox??? #best game ever

get the next gen into azure and more.

Enterprise Apps 


create micro companies that can make change. 


based on this great Canadian idea but an order of magnitude better 


I coined the phrase after taking exams over 20 years and now have to start a gain during the lockdown.


Microsoft Hackathon is very Meta - Long live Azureathon






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