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I'm looking for a preferable physical (not online) class on Azure RTOS here in Sweden, or at least Europe. All of us are experienced embedded programmers but most of us are new to RTOS in general. Our application will not be in an Azure IoT context


Thank you for any input


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I teach the Azure IoT course but that doesn't cover Azure RTOS and I can't find any training material for it either., sorry.

I can only suggest, to contact Microsoft Sweden and see if there is anything they can do or put together with the RTOS product team

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Thank you for your input and I'll do as you suggest.


I feel it's a bit strange that Microsoft don't provide training on their own products, but it might be that it still is a bit new.



There are four types of training Microsoft provides
1, Online free training on Microsoft Learn. This covers a lot of products but nothing on RTOS
2. Instructor led training leading to certifications. This is focussed on job roles rather than products
3. Training for partners in products and how to sell them - typically delivered through the local Microsoft office
4. Deep training provided by individual product team either directly or through the local Microsoft office
You need to find the fourth type but it can be difficult as these are normally by invitation and you require to be engaged with Microsoft directly
You could try and reach out via twitter to and who might be able to point you to the right people