Azure Portal refresh issues

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Hi Community,

I am facing huge issue with Azure portal, even after deleting resource groups, I can still see all resources in the dashboard and all resources, I refreshed whole page, logged out and logged in, but still page doesn't refresh. If I click on any resource, I do get message it is not found. But it is annoying page is not refreshing. This is happening only today, usually whenever I refresh browser, everything deleted disappears.

Is there any issue going on with portal?

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Same here, azure portal refresh does not work at all

Hello @Kázmér Nádudvari


Are you are referring to the two sections on top of the portal called  Azure services and 

Recent resources? These sections will always show the history of the type of resources you handled last as well as the actual resources you handled by name and type. Both lists will add the most recent item handled at their beginning/top and are not intended to be cleared. This is by design.

I hope that helps

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@Rolf-42It is working again, it took about 1-2 hours. It failed to list new resources in resource group views. I posted here, because this was on the top of the google search.

@Rolf-42  I would love to see a simple link to "clear recent resources".  It is extremely confusing to see resources listed that have been deleted.