Azure Machine Learning CLI (v2): A model resource


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As an intermediate data scientist, you’re likely familiar with Azure Machine Learning workspaces, which enable you to collaborate toward a common objective. And you know the Azure Machine Learning tools that allow you to deploy models quickly, at scale, and to manage and govern them efficiently. Workspaces and models are key in machine learningand that’s where I think the Train models in Azure Machine Learning with the CLI (v2) learning path on Microsoft Learn can be a great resource. The Azure Machine Learning CLI (v2) is an Azure CLI extension that you can use to create and manage workspace resources and to train and deploy machine learning models. In this learning path, learn to do exactly that, in addition to how to track model metrics, deploy a machine learning model to a managed online endpoint, easily share and reuse code, and use component-based pipelines to create machine learning workflows. Make the most of Azure Machine Learning—a model resourceas you #LearnMicrosoftAI. 

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