Azure Cognitive Services—at your service!




Azure Cognitive Services is a set of cloud-based AI services that help developers build cognitive intelligence into applications—and these developers don’t even need direct AI or data science skills. These services enable them to easily add cognitive features into their apps, using ready-made AI services to build intelligent apps, websites, and bots that can see, hear, speak, and interpret users’ needs. From image recognition to speech conversion and informed decision-making, where can you explore real-world scenarios and practical applications for these services? For me, the best resource by far is the Azure Cognitive Services documentation on Microsoft Learn, where you can find overviews, concept outlines and explanations, and reference materials. Plus, you can dive deep into specific services—vision, language, speech, and decision—along with Azure OpenAI, Cognitive Services containers, and Cognitive Services use cases, with links to detailed examples and helpful content. There are even links to portals for customization, APIs and SDKs, and other Azure AI services and tools. In this in-depth resource, you’ll find that Azure Cognitive Services are at your service—meeting users’ needs and helping you to #LearnMicrosoftAI.  


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