AZ140 certification - assigned incorrectly to my work email instead of personal

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Hi Microsoft,


Somehow I've managed to have the AZ140 certification awarded to my company account instead of my personal email/account.


These have different MCID's.


How can I get this transferred from my company MCID to my personal MCID?







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Hi @RichP2070 ,

unfortunally this is not the official Microsoft support, this is the Microsoft Tech Community. You should write your support request here:

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Hi there,
You would be able to change the email from the Learning / Certification Dashboard. The badges/certificates will get unassigned the alerts will be sent directly to the new email where you will be able to accept the badges and store in your Credly profile.
You will also have to update your linkedin and other areas where you had previous shared those badges. It will not work unless you have added the same email in Credly as well.
All the best!