AZ-900 2023 Prep Question

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I've gone through the MS Learn Study Guide and the MS Learn Self-Paced Training for AZ-900.  Is that enough to be good on the exam?


I ask because I signed up and did a course on Udemy.  Then I subscribed to a 6 Practice Test course that's supposedly updated for 2023 and it immediately hammers away on things like Key Vault, Bastion, Sentinel, Power BI, Event Grid and others... things that aren't even mentioned in the MS Learn study guide or self-paced learning.


Are those things to know for the test? Or are they carry overs from exams of previous years? 

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The exam has changed over the years. The scope of the exam is covered in

Try out the official AZ-900 Practice Assessment
I don't think Azure Bastion is in scope of the exam but it might be a "wrong" answer on a question as might Power BI, all distractors (wrong answers) have to be something that really exists so you can expect to see Azure services not covered in the fundamentals course materials in the answer choices.

Sentinel and Key Vault were in the exam scope until October 2022.
The only official practice tests are from MeasureUp or the practice assessments on Learn