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i want to write AZ-104 certification exam, is there way i can get a free voucher?

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@sandeep625 Did anyone get that free exam voucher. Please let me know?

No. I have passed the practice test and completed cram session in AZ-104, AZ-800 and (Grab Certification Exam Voucher) enabled but when trying to grab the voucher it is showing error. I have sent an mail to Spektra Systems. Support person said they are working with Microsoft to solve it.

@Sharin_Sobanam I have finished my 20 questions of knowledge assessment and now i need to give practice test 80 questions ? in order to enable that button of certification exam ? in order to get a voucher? Would you please tell me about it?

@JamalAshraf  I didn't get the voucher. The grab voucher button is enabled but while clicking it showing an error like contact admin. So I have contacted but no proper response. In order to enable the  certification exam and enable the grab voucher option you need to complete the 80 question practice test and get more than 700 mark. I passed AZ-104, AZ-800, AZ-801 but no voucher received yet. Any way getting a free voucher need a patience. If I get the voucher I will post here. 

JamalAshraf see the attachment. While clicking the button it showing error. So I don't know whether we will get the voucher or not.

I have same issue. Today i have passed my practice exam and when i clicked on a free voucher button. I had same issue. I hope that they will resolve it very soon. Please let me know if it works for you.

@JamalAshraf Same problem , what about your ticket ? Did they solved?

@njt0 No. Yesterday they said, it's taking time to update the status.

@Sharin_Sobanam It means , vouchers are not out of stock,yes? Just we have to wait ?

@njt0  Today I have received the exam voucher AZ-104 from First thank you to spe...

· Limit: One user – One Voucher only.

· You must redeem the voucher code and take the exam prior to 5/30/2023 (Expiration Date)

In this voucher Rs. 4800 discounted and tax Rs. 864 we have to pay.



Sharin S


I have attended az-104 cram session on 04th Nov. But I lost the URL to practice/claim the voucher. Can someone post it here please?

@Narayana_Reddy az 104 ISN'T in the challenge,its 305

For AZ-104 exam voucher please visit As of now they providing 50% discount voucher.
I have passed Az-104 exam, now preparing for Az-400.
Any free voucher and discount for AZ-400?
Go through the below Microsoft link. Complete the DevOps Engineer Task. You will get 50% OFF. I Don't know exactly whether it cover AZ-400.
There are a few ways to get a free voucher for the AZ-104 certification exam. One way is to check with your employer, as they may offer vouchers as part of their training and development program. Another way is to check with Microsoft, as they may offer vouchers as part of a promotion or through their Microsoft Imagine program for students. Additionally, some training providers may offer vouchers as part of their training courses. It's worth noting that these vouchers are often limited in number and for a specific time period and it's always better to check the terms and conditions and availability before making any decision.

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Hi Luki Murray

Recently i was attended Azure Virtual Desktop event. still i din't get vocher on this kindly suggest me how to get this vocher

Hi Rahul
am prepairing 104 exam , any advice?
Microsoft provide challenges once you participate and complete challenge you can get
Plese join linkindin. Microsoft learn , Microsoft community blog
Real time update you will recive
Currently now Microsoft AI challenges available