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Hi all,  How do I create an automatic email to myself , when the word 'overdue' appears?



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Hi @Jella510,


you said:


@Jella510 wrote:

when the word 'overdue' appears?


Are we talking about an Subject of an E-Mail or what? 


If so, I would recommend to automaticly move it to a folder created by youself named "alarm name overdue" or however.


Otherwise provide more informations please.


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@Schnittlauch I mean in the body of the worksheet. 


This is what I have written so far but i know nothing really about coding.  Do I select the full sheet to link the coding, or what should I do? 

Sub Email_from_Excel_Basic()

Dim emailApplication As Object

Dim emailItem As Object


Set emailApplication = CreatObject (“Outlook.Application”)

Set emailItem = emailApplication.CreateItem (0)


emailItem. To =

emailItem.Subject = “Overdue Documents.”

emailitem.Body = “Please check the for overdue items.”

amailItem.Attachments.Add ActiveWorkbook.Overdue