Anomaly detections, connectivity troubleshooting, and more—top picks for Azure learn April roundup





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Azure Support Engineer for Connectivity Specialty

Networking is essential, particularly when you have cloud-based assets. This learning path covers the different connectivity issues that a network engineer will typically encounter, and the troubleshooting steps to resolve these issues.

This learning path helps prepare for Exam AZ-720: Troubleshooting Microsoft Azure Connectivity.


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Azure AI fundamentals

Don’t miss these two new learning paths to expand your Azure AI foundations:

  • Knowledge mining is a discipline in artificial intelligence (AI) that uses a combination of intelligent services to quickly search and learn from vast amounts of information. Start here >
  • Learn how to automate decision support processes using Azure. Start here >


Identify abnormal time-series data with Anomaly Detector

Anomaly Detection is a technique in artificial intelligence to find outliers in time series data. In this module you will learn how to collect real-time data from a smart device; send the telemetry data to the cloud with Azure IoT Hub; and use Azure Anomaly Detector to catch unexpected data deviations.

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