Alternative to MS-030 and MS-040 courses for Microsoft 365 administrators beginners



As a MCT at Learning Partner organization, having task about delivering the Microsoft Courses and preparation for Exams/Certification. There is a challenge with alternative to MS-030 - Office 365 Administrator and MS-040 - MS-040: Manage SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 courses.


What I see is the alternative like:

55354AC: Administering Office 365

55238BC: SharePoint Online for Administrators


but those are kind of old also.

The best would be to go with:


Course MS-100T00--A: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services - Learn | Microsoft Docs

Course MS-101T00--A: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security - Learn | Microsoft Docs

But those are for Intermediate students already having production experience and setup with migration on Microsoft 365 services.


Finally, the Course MS-900T01--A: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals - Learn | Microsoft Docs is just a one day which is not enough.


So, final question, what are your thoughts, which Microsoft course should be used for existing IT administrators, coming from on-prem to start with Microsoft 365 services as beginners (including migration, hybrid etc.). It does not have to have an exact exam after it.

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There are replacement community courseware available on Courseware Marketplace!1818&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!AMUPaCVb... and there will be others

I don;t know about the other one but 55354AC has been newly created
Thank you, this seems like an answer, it seems that I have missed the term "community courseware".
So, Microsoft is not behind this anymore, and is third party?
Will this count for MCT as activities?
Who is supporting exactly this, how is this community, while still not free/open source for students?
Where is it possible and how to contribute to that content?

So Microsoft does not plan to publish and maintain the official beginner 5 day training on Office 365 Administration anymore?
Yes, this is third-party and I think community is a bad name as it is not true community but developed commercially
These were created by various companies because Microsoft has abandoned these courses
As for Microsoft's plans, they don't publish them publicly