AI Copilot: Powerful experiences from screen one


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With AI Copilot in Power Apps, you can build an app—and the data behind it—simply by describing what you need through conversation steps. In this way, your apps get Copilot-powered experiences built in from the first screen, offering your users insights in conversation instead of clicks. For me, a great place to find the details on AI Copilot is in the AI Copilot overview (preview) documentation on Microsoft Learn. This helpful information and the related links show you how the power of AI Copilot can benefit app makers and end users in Power Apps. Plus, it explores prerequisites for the AI features in Power Apps and suggests additional recommended content. Power Apps can help everyone turn their ideas into custom solutions to solve business challenges, and you can use AI Copilot to create powerful experiences—from screen one—in these solutions, as you #LearnMicrosoftAI.

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This is exactly what I've been waiting for... How cool.