Adaptive card issue

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Hi Team,


We have configured a button template using the adaptive card for a chatbot that we are developing,

in that button template, we are displaying some text, and that text is a bit long, and we want the whole text to be visible to the user.

Please find the screenshot of the text.



and also please find the coding that we have done in javascript:

var choices = ["Yes, I understand and accept the use of third party translation service", "No, I do not accept the use of third party translation service"];
var payload = ["yes", "no"];
var msg ={};
var attachments = [];
var attachment = {
'contentType' : 'application/'
var content = {
"msTeams": { "width": "full" },
'text' : " Before we get started - Chatbot is using a third party translation service that will process your messages. In order to use the Chatbot service we will need your consent to your messages being processed in this manner. Please select from below options.",
var actions = [];
for (var i = 0; i < choices.length; i++) {
/*var choiceItem = choices[i]; */
var element = {
"title" : choices[i],
"type" : 'imBack',
"value" : payload[i],

content.buttons = actions;
attachment.content = content;
msg.attachments = attachments;



please let me know what i can do to solve this issue. its quite important to show the whole text to user.



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