Access reports that databases are in an 'inconsistent state' after win 10 upgrade

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Recently upgraded all the machines to win 10 and receiving below error.


Access reports that databases are in an 'inconsistent state'


Tried searching solution and came across of below URL.


We have been able to gather additional data about the causes of this issue, which are due to usage patterns in the Access Database Engine with networked files that did not cause issues with previous versions of Windows, but no longer work properly. On Windows 10 specifically, this issue is first noted when using version 1803.


As per the above statement given in the URL, I could articulate that cause of this issue is usage pattern in the access database engine with network file.

Issue was not occurring with windows earlier versions but on win 10 version, this issue is being occurred.



July 9, 2020 update: We have not been able to fully deploy the fix due to new issues that occur only when the fix is present.  We are continuing to work on the problem.

This is not at all clear. Does it mean, Microsoft hasn’t yet fixed this issue and due to some other new issues? And Microsoft is continuing to work on this issue

 Access reports that databases are in an 'inconsistent state'

Please clarify.

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Hello @sonash2020

To get an official answer you need to open  ticket with Microsoft directly. Since this is a community forum you may get someone hints but in the end Microsoft is the one to confirm what they are doing or not to fix your issue.

Sorry :(


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Hello @Rolf-42 

Thank you so much for the response. Surely will raise a ticket.