Access key replication

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I have created a 20 database with 20 Plus tables and and over 40 queries ( not to clued into VBA.) I had the whole system working fine but now suddenly one of my first tables is giving problems.

When I try add a new Product to [TblPrdoList] is is applying an existing prime key . The form opens and shows a "new" key but when i tab off the first input, it offers me an existing Key. (obviously the item will not save)


I have tried entering data direct into the Table and get the same result.


The table ProdID settings are      Field size     long integer

                                                     New values   increment

                                                    Indexed     Yes(no duplicates)

                                                     Text Allign    general


so cant find anything wrong


I must say that I have had this and related tables all working perfect before..


Any help appreciated




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