Microsoft Learn announces Microsoft Q&A Assist and new content for building AI skills
Published May 23 2023 08:00 AM 28.4K Views

Erin Rifkin - Vice President, Skilling


Microsoft Learn is passionate about helping our vibrant community of learners build technical skills that open doors to new possibilities by bringing the technology and innovation needed to empower your learning journey. In a world driven by technology, it’s only natural to ask how AI can play a role in helping you reach your skilling goals and achieve more in your career. Today at Microsoft Build, we are thrilled to introduce Q&A Assist featuring new AI capabilities for Microsoft Q&A. We’re also unveiling our latest training and documentation to help you get skilled up and ready in Microsoft AI.


Introducing Microsoft Q&A Assist

Available now in limited preview, the AI powered features in Microsoft Q&A Assist make it easier and faster for you to find the technical answers you need. We are excited to offer you a glimpse into these features today as we plan for wider general availability in the coming months.





Empowering learning through AI innovation
All-new Microsoft Q&A Assist leverages the power of AI to get the right answers to your technical questions faster:


  • Get help asking the right question: In many cases, getting the question right is half the challenge. New AI features assist you in writing a complete and clear question so you can quickly get the specific information you are looking for. Type your question, request help, and you’ll get AI-powered suggestions for how to improve your question, such as clarifying wording and including the details needed for a quick and accurate answer.
  • Quickly find existing answers to similar questions: We know many of you share the same technical questions, and it’s very likely that Microsoft Q&A already has the answers. Once a question is written, new AI features will help search for similar previously asked questions on Microsoft Q&A so you can quickly get answers. Type in your question and view previously asked questions that match your query. Select any of the suggested options to see if the answer is what you’re looking for. Once you have found what you are looking for, you’re done. It is as simple as that.
  • Ask for an AI-generated answer to your question: If you have not yet found the answer you are looking for, we can now leverage AI to pull from multiple Microsoft Learn sources. While complex questions may require answers from people with subject matter expertise, many questions can be answered quickly using AI. You can request an AI-powered response to uncover the information you are looking for. Citations and sources are provided when AI has assisted with a question.


We look forward to sharing more details about the wider availability for Microsoft Q&A Assist in the coming months. For now, we invite you to watch the video and learn more about this new feature.


Get skilled up and ready in AI

New AI-powered features within Microsoft Learn are just part of our story. As AI capabilities continue to advance every day, learning how to use–and get the most from–AI technologies can be a game changer. Microsoft Learn is your trusted source to help you get skilled up and ready to power AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud.


We’re continuing to update Microsoft Learn so you always find the resources you need to build expertise and gain new skills in the latest AI innovations. Among the recent releases you will find learning paths and documentation to learn how to use Azure OpenAI, add intelligence to apps using Power Apps AI Builder, use Power Virtual Agents to build adaptable chatbots, and get code suggestions on GitHub Copilot.


AI skilling is not new to Microsoft Learn. The new content strengthens an already established portfolio including:

How do I get started?

We invite you to visit Microsoft Q&A to try out the new Q&A Assist, which is currently available in limited preview. Be sure to also explore Microsoft Learn to check out our AI learning paths and documentation.


Microsoft Learn is committed to evolving our features and content to keep up with an ever-changing technological landscape. By doing so, we hope to help put you one step closer to achieving your goals. Microsoft Learn will continue to build on its AI learning journey and will work towards expanding AI features and content to help spark possibilities for our learners now and in the future.


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Congratulations team on the announcement!!!

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Congratulations team on the announcement!


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Oh my god. Can't wait. 

Combine with Viva Topics it will be a game changer

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I'm excited to learn about AI as it plays a part in helping you reach our skills goals

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Excited to learn new technology and tools to enhance my skills.
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Nice :cool:

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