Achieve a Microsoft Certification to help you get back in the workforce

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(Updated December 15, 2020 to reflect updated dates for exam offer)


Are you looking for work in the tech world—or do you know someone who is? If you’ve been economically displaced, laid off, or furloughed due to the COVID-19 crisis, we’re here to help.


On June 30, Microsoft announced an initiative to help people worldwide acquire new digital skills for the COVID-19 economy and beyond, using data to identify roles most in-demand, such as Software Developer, Data Analyst, and IT Administrator. Access free training content to help develop skills aligned to in-demand jobs and earn a Microsoft Certification to help you stand out to get back in the workforce. Schedule a discounted certification exam for USD15 by December 30, 2021 and take the exam by December 31, 2021.


Certification empowers workers

In a time of rapid digital transformation, getting trained and earning a Microsoft Certification can help accelerate your ability to land an in-demand role and grow your career. As business needs evolve, certification increases credibility, giving individuals a professional advantage by providing globally recognized, industry-endorsed evidence of mastering skills. It offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your technical abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies. Continue learning and earn a Microsoft Certification to achieve more business value, build a track record of increased productivity, and create a simplified way for others to identify your talent, skills, and experience.


“Microsoft role-based certifications are meaningful and relevant to people’s jobs.  It doesn’t require learning all the arcane facts or bits of systems you hardly ever touch; it’s much more relevant to the role and therefore, has much more value to employers, to their managers, and to their peers.”

-Julian Sharp, Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Trainer


When you’ve successfully achieved your certification, you’ll be able to update your LinkedIn profile with certification information that can help you attract recruiters and potential employers.


Get started

Are you ready to skill up and prepare for in-demand tech roles? Learn about the Microsoft Certifications available through this offer, and find out how you can prepare and schedule an exam by checking out Become Microsoft certified and build your resilience for today’s and tomorrow’s digital economy.


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@alexpaynAs part of this initiative, will Microsoft General Technical Skills be migrating more courses to LinkedIn Learning's paths?  Thanks.

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When I try to schedule an exam I get a blank page and error:


You do not appear to have any exams that can be scheduled. If you believe you have received this message in error, or are experiencing issues with registering for or scheduling an exam, please visit our moderated <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Certification support forum</a>.

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