Widgets/news ribbons screen enhancements

Widgets/news ribbons screen enhancements



 Apr 28 2021
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1. Please split widgets/news ribbons screen into two screens and replace bottom buttons for switching between widgets and news panels (which will be not needed anymore) by dock.

2. Add resizable folder widget to ms launcher (like frequently used apps widget, but manualy filled by apps), so it can be placed to widgets scrollable ribbon. Then widgets scrollable screen could be completely used as home screen.

3. Add option to manualy (and permanently) hide any app from frequently used and recently used lists.

4. Add option to use only 1 row in dock (now only 2 or 3 rows can be set) and make swiping up from dock to open all apps list if only 1 row in dock is used (now such swiping will expand dock).

5. Add menu item to hide any app (from all lists, e.g. from app launcher) to launcher app icon context menu. Then hiding apps will be much easier. Anyway app context menu in app launcher is used very rarely, so it won't clutter UI.


For 1: At least replace 2 bottom docked buttons for switching between widgets and news views by 1 button at top left corner, which will switch these views.

For 4: It's already can be achieved, though it wasn't obvious for me.

Thanks for your great suggestion. We value your feedback and we'll try to combine it with our R&D, in order to provide a better production.