Jul 17 2019
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We as a community definitely need a TILES theme, like W10M/Lumia.

Please PLEASE!!

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Love the tiles in W10, use them all the time.


I hate android and I'd rather not have to use it for my phone. The experience is disjointed and disappointing. I want to love Microsoft Launcher but I'm afraid it's too beholden to UI design from Android and IOS (and their old fashioned model of static icons).


While Square Home and similar launchers can never replace the efficiency and integration of a real Windows Phone operating system, they do go some of the way to replicating elements of the amazing Windows Phone UX. Microsoft why can't some time be developed creating a tiled interface for the Launcher? Why can you not work with developers that have shown interest in creating tiles launchers? I want an experience on my Android phone that is Microsoft and that replicates all the goodness of the Windows Phone UI, not the UI you've developed for the MSFT Launcher.


There are many out there that love the information density and useability the touch friendly tiles interface design offers. It was 10 years ahead of the competition and now I am afraid through neglect and bad decisions the your business is moving on from this revolutionary design. Windows Phone 7 through to 10 was put simply the best way to design a touch interface, stick to it, nuture it and find a way to make it work with Windows 10x and Android. I'd even suggest you had it more correct with Windows Phone 7 and 8 with panorama and pivot menus, for god sake bring this stuff back, it was amazing!

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@Axtten I totally agree with you. The interface of Windows Phone was modern and smart, really ahead of the classic (and let me say, boring) homescreens that we usually see.

Please give us the chance to return to the glorious era of the Lumia! Bring back to life (even aesthetically) W10M!

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I totally agree with you both, I loved the tiles when they were introduced with the Zune HD, and love/loved using them with my Windows Phone. Unfortunately, I think there is no chance Microsoft is going to bring them back. I hate to seem negative or absolute, but their mantra right now seems to be full speed ahead. Obviously there is good and bad with that, but given that at the presentation of the "Duo", and all other media surrounding it they have been using the standard Microsoft Launcher, I think there is no chance of tiles coming back...unless it is some sort of theme they add from within the Launcher.


With all of that said, I hope, hope, hope I am wrong!




And this will be a other stupid decision. If only they could believe in their own ideas. The metro design language and the concepts behind windows phone were about as perfect as you could get for a touch based UI. There is nothing that launcher or Android does better.


I fear msft are becoming as disjointed as android. Multiple apps in the play store with no design language, no overaching philosophy behind their design direction, everything is a mess. While they stuck to metro there was a style, a hierarchy and things made sence. There seems little managed direction and instead teams doing whatever the hell they please. Where is the communication and commonality? Everything seems to be going backwards for the user. 

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@Axtten hard to argue your point, you're spot on. It really is unfortunate that many did not see the brilliance behind the Windows Phone. From the UI, to the overall general control of the device, the Windows Phone really was ahead of its time. Microsoft "stuck" with Surface, even when it looked like it was going to be a failure and losing money, and look where it is at now. Unfortunately if we are being honest though, Microsoft has a history of putting good products out and killing them when they do not hit a certain threshold (i.e. Windows Phone, Band, and Zune). 


As for your fear, I think it is an extremely valid one. Android has been such a mess for so long, it can certainly become easy for Microsoft to fall into that trap. All they really have to do is be a little bit better than the standard Android UI and or competing launchers. Such low marks, does not necessarily breed ingenuity and or creativity. 



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This is great suggestion, I want tiles to support Live Tiles feature.


I now have the Duo 2 and the ms launcher is worse than ever. It's ridiculous that msft with all their talent, money and existing IP can deliver such a substandard software solution. It's offers less options and customistation than the standard non duo launcher.


It's high time that Microsoft invested heavily in options for customers with a tiled launcher and more Microsoft default apps with better ecosystem integration. I shouldn't need to go immediately to a third party metro like launcher simply to make the phone more like Microsoft and more usable.


If the lack of development is due to the eventual roll out of windows 11 to the Duo with an Android app bridge via Amazon store... fine. The least they could do is share some direction and a basic roadmap. 

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I agree but the Windows design language has changed alot since then.