Regional Availability should be removed for beta testers

Regional Availability should be removed for beta testers



 Mar 25 2019
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The recent merging or deep embedding of cortana into Microsoft Launcher has broken some features and makes the mvp weak. You cannot announce a "feature" then turn around and say it isn't available to existing users. Region locking is failure to acknowledge the digital age. On the Internet there are no geographical regions except where something comes off the Internet into real life.
I now no longer have all notifications shown on my pc and yet I had gotten it to work on my previous phone. The timeline is cool but having my phone notifications on my pc was way cooler. Please unlock all region locks for the beta testers.

What annoys me the most is that to access my invoke speakers and home automation here in Australia, I need to set my region settings to US, this is the same for w10. Now I have no news feed at all and temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit eventhough I set cortana to metric. Can Microsoft simply ditch this ridiculous region locking of features and give all users outside the US access without having to mess up their regional settings, along with fixing the metric settings so they actually function. 

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I write ERPs for a living. They are complex applications that are difficult to test. Thus to do so, you need to create scenarios that are focused on specific users and activities. Likewise, some Microsoft applications are easier to test when culture, language and other features are limited so that somethings are kept constant while user testing in the wild or user acceptance testing is carried out. 
That said, I still believe in what I said. That the region locking can be made optional for insiders so we can test other real-world scenarios in real-world circumstances.

I take great pains to set my whole windows environment to English UK. I even set the date formats. It is awesome that now Uganda is a region but the assumption that we want Kiswahili, as opposed to english UK, is annoying.

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I also don't like controlled feature rollouts, I think users in the same beta channel should have access to the same set of features. it will prevent confusion among users when they compare notes and talk about features or try to solve each others' problems.