Please consider adding "automatically re-lock home screens" option

Please consider adding "automatically re-lock home screens" option
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I'd like to keep my mother's home screens locked until she wants to move app icons around (she messed up her home screens a lot because of faulty gestures). 

ML 5.2 has a pop-up menu for "Unlock home screen" which is nice and handy, but for re-locking the home screens she has to go to Settings/Personalization/Home Screen and enable "Lock Home screens". She cannot really remember using gestures so it's really hard for her to re-lock home screens.


Please give us an option to automatically re-lock home screens after a certain time (like 10 minutes).



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I would like this too. Easy to unlock just to may a quick change, but then inconvenient to relock again. 


lock home screen have two usage cases, one is like what you described, user will like to dock desktop to prevent apps from moving, but just for him self or for relatives which he trust. another case is user want to lock his desktop and prevent from others to make changes, so in that case, they may not want other users to easily find how to lock and unlock, we currently still need to know which one is the major user group. 

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