make an app!

make an app!
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For the love of God, have one of the MS developers make a techcommunity app.
This site is a pita to use from a phone, especially since this particular group is for a phone app.
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I requested the same exact thing on the welcome post, said they'd look into it, so we'll see... I agree 100% that it needs an app...
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OK, Satya, this is your opportunity to create a consumer-responsive face for MS. And it is essential because, sans a consumer face, the Office suite will eventually be overrun by the Goog docs thing.
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Only one up vote?


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for ideas related to Microsoft Tech community itself there is this place, it also has ideas section:


someone already posted this suggestion and developers answered it

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I was surprised to discover the official MS Launcher community also exists on Reddit. I don't want to create a Reddit account just to interact with Microsoft about their products, but if this forum offends you enough and you're already set up on Reddit it could be a good option until this forum is fixed.

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To let the Microsoft Tech community designer and tech lead know about the issue of the website on mobile, you should mention it in here:



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