Integrate 'Microsoft Launcher' with 'Your Phone Companion' app natively

Integrate 'Microsoft Launcher' with 'Your Phone Companion' app natively



 Apr 09 2019
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Integrate 'Microsoft Launcher' with 'Your Phone Companion' app natively.


'Your Phone Companion' is an application that only allows us to have access to all the applications available in the GooglePlay developed by Microsoft and also allows us to synchronize our smartphone with our Pc or convertible.


I think it would be more logical and comfortable that the synchronization with other devices was natively integrating the Microsoft Launcher and not rely on another app that only makes us advertising other apps available in the GooglePlay.



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@Ismael Martinez What features are you looking for if Your Phone Companion is integrated into Microsoft Launcher?


@ms4132  So that we don't have to install two apps at the same time and waste storage space

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That would be great ...possibly integration with Windows Hello without third party programs like Samsung flow will then be possible?

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Yes, you're right @Argyrios Derlopas, also the integration with Windows Hello would be very interesting. A If we could use more Microsoft services in the same app.

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Have an app only and exclusively to synchronize the PC and show all the available Microsoft apps in the Android store and iOS almost meaningless. @SOI_7 

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This launcher is also for tablets. So might not be a great option.

Also, perform 2 different functions 



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I think now that Your Phone app's features are expanded and it does a lot of things (screen sharing, file sharing, calling, texting, viewing image, viewing battery level etc etc) then Your Phone app deserves to be a standalone app on its own, separate from Microsoft Launcher.


In my opinion launcher should support features that Your Phone app has, but Your Phone app should be still available as standalone app. There is one main feature that Launcher has - it is always runing on phone and never go sleep mode

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Well because Your Phone need to stay active all the time to deliver notifications from phone to PC, among other data. when you access your messages, pictures, apps, contacts etc from PC, the app on phone needs to be active to receive the signal and supply the required info to the PC.


plus, phones have features that moderate power consumption of apps.


That would be neat and practical, i agree :lol:

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Great, thank for all @Peppy_95 :clapping_hands: