Feed - One line header

Feed - One line header



 Jun 12 2019
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Hi! I have been experiencing issues using scrolleable widgets in the feed. Due to the scrolleable feed's header, managing that kind of widgets turns difficult. It scrolls the entire screen while you just want to scroll the widget.

So, I think it would be nice an option to enable a one line header. Right now, it has two scrolleable lines: greeting+weather+calendar and search bar+edition button, while the profile picture changes its size. The one line option would remove the scrolleable feature and would only keep the search bar+the edition button (additional question: Is not it redundant to have that button while you have another one at the bottom of the feed?) with the profile small picture.

This option could improve the experience with scrolleable widgets.

Thanks in advance!




Could you please send a recording video to microsoftlauncherfb@microsoft.com? Thanks!