Add a panel for App Categories

Add a panel for App Categories



 Sep 07 2020
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Add a panel in the Microsoft Launcher that allows you to group Apps together into different Categories/Shelfs(similar to the way that Yahoo Aviate did and how Arc Launcher does today).  You could also add categories for most frequently used and recently installed and pin those category groupings to the top.  I tend to think of my apps in different categories anyway and having to drill down into folders is inconvenient.  I hope you will consider this idea because it has helped find my apps more quickly on a consistent basis.

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I would LOVE this. It's pretty much the only thing keeping me from using Microsoft Launcher exclusively. I've got about 100 games installed on my phone, but don't need them most of the time. I'd love to be able to swipe to different categories, so the games are out of my way for everyday use.


You can make a folder in the app drawer. Long press and app ---> Select & select as many icons you want ---> tap on folder icon on top. All those apps will be moved to the newly created folder away from your eyes.

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This feature enables automatically when you sign in using work or school account