Ability to set an image as app icon

Ability to set an image as app icon



 Jun 12 2019
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Hi. When you edit an app icon, you can choose it from an icon pack. But it would be great if it was possible to pick an image from gallery too. Thanks in advance!

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I just came to the forum to ask for the same thing. E.g. One of my apps recently changed its icon to something horrible on the background I use; I have the old, perfectly fine icon as a png, and with Nova Launcher I can just pick that png from the edit menu from long pressing the app icon on the home screen - but not with Microsoft Launcher. Please add this capability.

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Great idea, I can already think of ways this can be useful for me.

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Yes, please. Even I use custom icon pack, there will be a few apps that don't have custom icons (mostly are apps from local market). Some app doesn't even has a proper icon size to fit icon area.