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Hi everyone,


Microsoft Launcher 5.8 Beta is now available. We'd like to invite you to check out what's new and install the beta build and send your feedback our way!


What's New

  • Newly installed apps can be added to home screen automatically for devices running Android 8.0 and above.
  • Search experience is optimized so the local results are easier to access.
  • Microsoft Intune Fully Managed Devices Support- IT pros now can configure home screen experiences for managed devices, including wallpaper, home screen apps, app icons placement, and feed availability.

To become a Microsoft Launcher Beta tester:


•  Go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.microsoft.launcher
•  Click "Become a tester". You'll see a confirmation "You are now a tester." 
Moving forward, you'll always get the latest Beta build when it's available, as long as Microsoft Launcher is running.
Microsoft Launcher Team

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Please can anyone from the product team (or @weizhong_xue ) provide links to documentation that covers the "Intune Fully Managed Devices Support" capability mentioned? I can't find anything amongst the Intune section of docs.microsoft.com that explains the configuration options available... but maybe I'm missing something?

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I would also like more information.

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It's happened again.


Re-started my phone, and Microsoft Launcher added app icons to the home screen filling the four empty spaces I've deliberately left on the second page of my home screen, and in the 9 empty spaces on the third page. Theses were all apps that already had icons directly on the home screen or in folders on the home screen. Some bug in the 'Add new apps to home screen' routine, I presume.

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And again. Every time I re-start the phone with Microsoft Launcher set as the Launcher and with 'Add new apps to home screen' set ON, it is filling the 13 blank spaces on my 2nd and 3rd home screen pages with app icons ... all of which are ALREADY either directly on the home screen or are in folders on the home screen. And I have to go through deleting them (which for many is 3 taps each). If 'Add new apps to home screen' is turned OFF then it doesn't do it, This is a really annoying bug.
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Here are links to some documentation that recently appeared: 




https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Enterprise-Mobility-Security/Microsoft-Intune-support-for-And... - see near bottom of blog post for information on Microsoft Launcher "for Enterprise" 


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I have some general comments on translation to NO Norwegian. Where should I comment om translation?

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But I still cannot disable online search suggestions. I would like to search only local contacts, applications etc. so hitting enter will open application / contact first.