Ticket Status Update Flow in Kaizala Employee Helpdesk

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I've tried to implement & test Kaizala Employee Help Desk

Apparently all member of the group can see ticket updates from admin when admin update the status on SharePoint. Is this the expected behaviour ? I thought only the ticket creator can see their ticket status.

I can see from the Flow that the update status action will not send to all subscriber


I tried to set 'Send to all Subscribers' to 'Yes' and the behaviour is still the same.

Can someone explain the 'Send to all Subcribers'? Is it possible to emulate 1 on 1 ticket in one group?


Thank you!

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Hi @R_Andros , are you using the solution in a flat group? This solution is designed for a broadcast group. In a flat group, it is not possible to target messages to a particular subscriber.

Hi parijat thanks for replying. Yes it is a flat organization group.
Do you have any reference solution so I can target messages to a particular subscriber?
Is it possible to have something like Employee Help Desk but for 1 on 1 chat in Kaizala?

No, there is no provision to open 1-1 chat - the solution is to use a Broadcast organization group (which follow the Hub and Spoke model) instead of a flat group where you can target message to a particular subscriber.